July 15, 2024
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TripleTrace Time Clock

A Web-Based Time and attendance system

TripleTrace TimeClock is a complete Web-Based Time and Attendance system that is secure fast and easy to use.

Our Web-Based TimeClock system provides secure access to your companies time records as well as offering a "Cloud-Based" punch clock for your employee's to access from anywhere in the world. While the administration and configuration allow for maximum flexibility in security and functionality it is presented in a format that is easy to work with and available wherever and whenever needed.

Key Features Available:  

  • Employees Log on to our secure On-Line system and punch in or out.
  • Administrators can simply Log on from any PC and Review or modify or add employee's time records
  • Restrict all users based on a flexible multi level security system so they access only what features you prefer.
  • Multi level Rounding system for punches
  • Allows punching into multiple divisions, Departments and Jobs
  • Handles multiple pay periods Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly
  • Handles Prevailing wages
  • Reports

Process your employees' time records for as little as $.05 per day

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