July 15, 2024
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Do you use a Microsoft Office product?
Are you utilizing the built in potential to your advantage?
The power of Microsoft Office is often not unleashed due to the many options and products it offers that take time to learn.  We interface directly with products such as Word, Outlook, Excel, Access and others to offer this potential to you minus the hassle. As with all of our products, we design these applications in such a way that they can interface with your desktop or browser based applications. Our expertise in this area can save you time and money. Why build functionality into a product when you can use what you already have by making it more efficient. 
We also offer individual or group training to help you and your staff become more efficient with the Microsoft Office products.
Some useful features to add to your office suite:
  • Mail merging
  • Custom excel functions and calculations
  • Your contact list can interface with an accounting package
  • Share your business accounts, financial history with your contact management in outlook
  • Order and support entry built right into Outlook
  • Customized forms.
  • Use Word templates to generate custom letters and invoices 
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